At MASA we integrate CSR into our business as an asset for respecting and developing PEOPLE, INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICS, TRANSPARENCY and INTEGRITY.


At MASA we are committed to acting with integrity to contribute towards a better society and generate trust-based relationships with our stakeholders. MASA and its subsidiaries develop a number of actions to address different aspects of RSC, including MASA’s RSC Policy.


ISO 45001 certification shows that fostering health and safety, safe working conditions and consulting with workers and getting them involved are issues that are afforded the top priority as part of our organisation’s management.

Quality as an essential factor in assuring competitiveness and human and technological progress and earning our customers’ trust.

We are aware of the impact on the environment of what we do. That’s why environmental protection is a key priority for us, together with appropriate use of energy and the responsible consumption of resources.

Our Innovation and Process Development Department acts as a driving force to foster development and participation among all members of the company in innovative processes in the sector. We facilitate the constant search for streamlines work tools in across all parts of the organisation.
We are committed to working with sector partners on the development of new technology.


The MASA group has put in place a system for criminal- compliance and anti-bribery management, with a view to preventing, detecting and managing any such risks within our organisation. We are involved in developing a law-abiding culture in accordance with our company’s values.
We are involved in developing a law-abiding culture in accordance with our company’s values. Anybody who knows about or suspects any kind of infringement or illegal act must report it by email to or by post to Canal Ético, Grupo MASA, Calle Vía de los Poblados, 9–11, Edificio C–6, 28033 Madrid (Spain).

Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism

The MASA Group, as a member of the Industrial Services Division of the ACS Group, adheres to the group’s CSR policy, which determines and governs how we behave. It sets out the basic principles and specific behaviours in this area, based on compliance with the applicable national and international laws and regulations in the countries where we operate and compliance with certain other international CSR-related undertakings that the ACS Group has made voluntarily.

The ACS Group’s RSC strategy

COMPLIANCE at the ACS Group: